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Fri Apr 2 09:03:42 PST 1999


   There is one other requirement that I've considered adding. It seems
like the best dancers/teachers also enter performance pieces into A&S
competitions. I'll bet Lady Yvette is good enough to be Magister level,
but people perceive a lack of self-confidence, perhaps. In performance,
you have to cultivate a "Damn, I'm good" attitude, or you won't have the
boldness you need to look good. We probably want our Magisters to have
this level of self-confidence, too. The dance Laurels of Meridies and
Trimaris certainly have it. Also, the performance requirement likely
means you are working on more difficult dances, else they wouldn't be
worth performing in a competition.

   Does anyone else think there should be a performance and/or
competition requirement for Magister level? 


Pug Bainter wrote:
> Btw, after further thinking, I'm not sure the levels are high-enough for
> Magister/Master. Unless we want a bunch of Magisters running around, I
> think it should be a little more challenging. Of course there are Guilds
> in the Known World that realized this after the fact and created
> Grand Master positions.
> The reason that I feel they are too low, and this is not meant as a
> slight to Lady Yvette, but to the letter of the requirements including
> the additional ones, she meets all of them for Magistrate. In my opinion
> although she is approaching this level, I don't feel she is there yet. Of
> course I don't have a clue what I think would be better additions/changes.
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