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Russell russmax at
Fri Apr 2 11:16:21 PST 1999

Pug Bainter wrote:
> Now what is the hard part. Just because you enter at Kingdom A&S, LPT or
> Gulf War doesn't meant you gain the self-confidence and presence that I
> would expect from someone considered a Master in their field.

   I don't have a solution for this. This particular aspect is too
subjective. I would be steamed if the Magisters or Proctor rejecting
someone because they don't have enough "presence". I think we have to
accept that some of the Magisters will be shy people.

   I do think that performance and competition are good ways to develop
that presence and self-confidence. You do have to practice and work hard
at the performances, though, so that you're really good. You have to
have your documentation in order, and know what you're talking about. If
nothing else, all the accolades you receive from a great performance do
wonders for self-esteem.

   I think the level requirements speak only of one's knowledge and
proficiency at dance. We can't use leadership or charisma as
requirements for advancement. Our criteria should only be documented
technical expertise.

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