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Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Sun Apr 4 16:40:41 PDT 1999

>Actually the way I read the charter it requires them to know the
>information but never apply it. (I'm a real stickler for proper 
I agree that the charter does not require the application of this 
knolage.  But by having the knolage, the ability is avaliable.  I 
realy do not want to be required to impart all the knolage I know on 
dance everytime I teach.  Call me lazy, but I do not think that is 
what people need.  

>This was why I thought competition/display would be beneficial since 
>would assist in the application of knowledge. When you 
>you have to define for the judges the background, terms, steps, etc.
>NOTE: I am using display as the types of thing done at LPT, which is 
>      a competetition. Performances don't require you to document 
>      for the audience.
I agree, but to advance in the guild, proff of background, knolage, 
terms is required.  One would not pass in the guild without this.  
This is covered in the requirements for knowing the dance and teaching 
them, as well as requiring a reconstruction.

>Yes Philip, I've displayed at LPT and seen/ran other competitions and
>realize how frustrating it can be from both sides. (Btw, taking 
>or bad criticism is part of character building in society/life.) 
>are very few people qualified to judge most of the arts done in this
>Kingdom. Many of the people doing the art are the only ones qualified
>to judge. The brewers of this Kingdom are trying to correct this in 
>field through education. This doesn't mean that we don't use them as 
>measuring stick of progress though. The Laurels I've talked to seem 
>excited about a proactive, instead of an avoidance or subversive, 
>of approacing this problem.
Most of the people I feal qualified to judge dance are on this list 
(and if they arn't they should join!).  I feal that the guild is 
education.  One that would teach those willing much of dance and what 
to expect in a dance.  And I do not want to encourage people to avoid 
dance competitions, I need more people to compete with but I do not 
see this being the goal of the guild.  
  I want a guild that will encourage people to dance for fun, not so 
that they can win a competition.  I want a guild that will have most 
of the kingdom ready to do more than just Hole in the Wall.  I am a 
dance teacher for those who have not yet learned to dance, that I who 
I enjoy teaching the best.  Some do not have the patience for this.  
  I want a solution othert than requiring people to enter competitions 
as a way of education.  Learning dance, reaserching it, and teaching 
it is the way we can reach the populous.  If people think that we 
avoid trying to educate the populous because we do not compete is 
mistaken.  I am more impressed by the costumer that wears their garb 
and I can see it fit, than the costumer that leaves it on the table 
for display.  In the same manner I want the a dancer who stands in 
front of court and shows off their skill to the kingdom than  a dancer 
that is off in a room showing off to judges.  Both have thier place, 
and both can be benificial but the first i would choose to require for 
the guild.  
  I do not want a guild that is a showcase for the laurerls, I want a 
guild that is a showcase for the kingdom.


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