AD - A Kingdom Dance Guild - Saltare???

Russell russmax at
Sun Apr 4 22:53:56 PDT 1999


   Isabeau & I are coming to Crown Tourney especially to discuss the
dance guild. Well, that and the fact that Bryn Gwlad is such a great
place to go. It's good to have an excuse to travel down. I agree with
Isabeau that there had better be some dancing. There should be a really
excellent collection of musicians and dancers at this event.

   It would be good if someone could have a trial copy of the guild
charter, with all of the changes we've discussed. Philip, since you've
already got a start on this, you're probably the best person to bring
copies. Double-space it and use big margins so we can write in further changes.

   It would also be good if we could get as much of this hashed out in
advance as possible, so we don't have to take up too much time at the
event. We could meet while we sit aroound the list field watching the
tourney. That way, we wouldn't have to trouble the autocrat, except
maybe to put a notice up somewhere. Hopefully most of the people who
would be interested are on this list, or know someone who is.

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