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Mon Apr 5 05:53:39 PDT 1999

Craig Shupee' (philipwhite at said something that sounded like:
> I feal that the guild is education.

Let me back up then.

I must have misunderstood the charter for the guild then.

While it has lipservice to education in the Purpose statement, no where
in the rest of it does it talk about how this education will be properly

Maybe it is assumed people will go outside of their local area and teach.

Maybe it is assumed that people will communicate to the person putting
together the manual their local variations.

Maybe it is assumed that the Proctor will actually include this
information in the manual.

Maybe it is assumed ...

On the other hand, I see the Nordsteorra (sp?) manual as a wonderful
manual that a Proctor would make. I don't think it has the local varients
that people would need to be able to go to another group and dance
easily though. The required teaching does not help this since there are
no requirements to go outside of your local group to do any of the
criteria for status.

How I read the guild charter it is to help promote the dancers in this
Kingdom and not dance within this Kingdom. The multi-tier structure does
nothing for dance within this Kingdom except to have people recognized
for their accomplishments within the field. This might be why some
people have a problem with a guild based on multi-tier recognition of
the dancers instead of better facilitation of dance instructions within
the Kingdom.

As well, this guild structure is not setup to be fun for Joe Blow
dancer. Joe Blow dancer doesn't care about any of it, but just wants to
dance to have fun. If there wasn't a Guild, Joe Blow dancer would still
be dancing.

Guilds place structure onto the people within an area of expertese. Guilds
should help groups talk to each other and learn of progresses. (This is
usually done through regular newsletters.) Guilds should help promote the
art as their primary focus and recognize the individuals as their secondary.

If this is just for fun, all you need is a mailing list (preferably
email and USMail) that would allow people to communicate their activity,
variations on dances, etc. This is less work for the people doing it.


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