AD - Re: Dancing at Crown?

Robyn Bainter myfanwy at Ansteorra.ORG
Mon Apr 5 07:33:22 PDT 1999

Yvette wrote:
>Anyone have any suggestions as to when would be a good time to do some
>dancing?  Is court planned to be hideously long?  Should we plan on something
>during the day?  Pug/Myfanwy  - you two probably have a better clue as to
>what is going on... any suggestions?  Any ideas would be helpful!

I would suggest if there is to be dancing at crown that it happens during
the day.  My understanding is at this point they are only planning on
having one field for all of the fighting which means that the fighting will
probably take forever and then they have a circle meeting after that and
then they have feast and then they have court.  And although I don't think
they are planning court to go on forever, it probably will because courts
seem to always go on forever.  But to be honest, I'm not positive where/if
there is space because I've not been out to the sight.

The other reason why I suggest dancing during the day is because I don't
think there is a whole lot of activities planned for non-fighters so this
would provide people something to do.

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