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Russell Kinder russmax at
Mon Apr 5 10:44:46 PDT 1999

Pug Bainter wrote:
> They can do even less with Crown Tourney since the Crown makes lots of
> decisions.
> This is up to the Crown and not the steward.
> *laugh* Not at Crown. Especially since the Crown gets fed throughout the
> day.

   Well, yes, that's why I said there's not much the autocrat can do.
However, as an autocrat, I've had good success working with the various
Knights Marshall, Crowns, Baron/esses, Feast Stewards, etc, in
coordinating things so that it's not Midnight before dancing can start.
Most people are willing to work with the Event Steward to make things
work smoothly, but he/she has to put in the effort to coordinate it.

   We are currently still enjoying the backlash of Steppes Twelfth night
a year ago, where so many meetings and "official" junk went on, that the
event wasn't any fun for anyone. That makes it easier for the Event
Steward to get the various officials to restrain themselves.

> > Something Philip and I were
> > discussing before this mail-list was created was the idea of having a
> > Princess' Ball at Crown Tourney and a Queen's Ball at Coronation.
> This next Coronation would be a good time to start this since I believe
> there is a ball already planned for it.

   Yes, and Lord Philip is in charge of dancing at Coronation. I expect
the Queen's Ball will happen there. There is a logistical problem,
though. The ball has to happen after the Coronation court, else she's
not the Queen yet. Does this mean we'll have a ball both nights at ATYC?
I hope so.

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