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Craig Shupee' philipwhite at
Mon Apr 5 13:51:04 PDT 1999

>While it has lipservice to education in the Purpose statement, no 
>in the rest of it does it talk about how this education will be 
We should better define what we mean by education and that we promot 
teaching outside of our local groups.

>Maybe it is assumed people will go outside of their local area and 
Yes it is, and for some people they will have to because there are 
only so many ball organized in a local area. ect.

>Maybe it is assumed that people will communicate to the person 
>together the manual their local variations.
I feal it is their responsibility to do so.  If a group wants to see 
their variation in a manual, then they need to do it.  If you want 
something done then you need to make sure that it happens.  I am sure 
that anyone wishing to contribute to a manual could do so and would be 
thanked as well.

>On the other hand, I see the Nordsteorra (sp?) manual as a wonderful
>manual that a Proctor would make. I don't think it has the local 
>that people would need to be able to go to another group and dance
>easily though. The required teaching does not help this since there 
>no requirements to go outside of your local group to do any of the
>criteria for status.
No, the Norsteorra manuel would not be able to help the Northern 
dancers in the South.  But this was not a Kingdom manuel.  The 
Norsteorra manuel would help someone from the south, same as my 
Steppes cheet sheets or of the things printed in coastal.  The 
required teaching does make you learn what you are doing and helps you 
to learn how to implement your skills.

>How I read the guild charter it is to help promote the dancers in 
>Kingdom and not dance within this Kingdom. The multi-tier structure 
>nothing for dance within this Kingdom except to have people 
>for their accomplishments within the field. This might be why some
>people have a problem with a guild based on multi-tier recognition of
>the dancers instead of better facilitation of dance instructions 
>the Kingdom.
The recognition does do something for dance in the kingdom.  It can be 
used for motivation.  I do not understand how you can say that a 
system that encourages people to learn and to teach does not help the 
feild for which the guild is formed.  

>As well, this guild structure is not setup to be fun for Joe Blow
>dancer. Joe Blow dancer doesn't care about any of it, but just wants 
>dance to have fun. If there wasn't a Guild, Joe Blow dancer would 
>be dancing.
But Joe Blow dancer would not be danceing as much.  And Joe Blow 
dancer might get tired of danceing with Philip always leading the 
danceing or likewise anyone else.  Joe Blow gets to experience more 
because I am encouraged to step back and let others try and Joe Blow 
can learn something different from what I want to dance.

>Guilds place structure onto the people within an area of expertese. 
>should help groups talk to each other and learn of progresses. (This 
>usually done through regular newsletters.) Guilds should help promote 
>art as their primary focus and recognize the individuals as their 
I believe much of our charter as stands agrees with this.

>If this is just for fun, all you need is a mailing list (preferably
>email and USMail) that would allow people to communicate their 
>variations on dances, etc. This is less work for the people doing it.
I dissagree.  I like that we would presure ourselves to teach, to 
learn, to reconstruct, to publish.  Not everyone has there own 
motivation and a guild can help us to grow more than we could on our 


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