AD - [Fwd: ANST - Midsummers Night Revel June 26th]

Russell Kinder russmax at
Mon Apr 5 14:55:05 PDT 1999

Beloved daughter,

   It's mostly dancing. There's both social and performance dancing.
There was some middle east dancing that was actually good. There was
some bardic performance. There was some bad theatre because someone had
invited the rennies. Amy & the guy who played the mayor in Musk. were there.

   We danced a bunch, and a bunch of people danced. 25 or 30 people
dancing at once, sometimes. I was sorry you had to miss it last year.

   I've already told the event steward that we would want to dance So
Ben and La Volta (and maybe Les Bouffons or Lo Spagnoletto).

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