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   In the future, you can interpret a lack of reply from me to indicate
assent, or at least apathetic consent. I am stating this because some
people on this list, according to Perronnelle, mean quite the opposite
by not replying. They mean "I disagree so strongly that I'm offended,
alarmed, and refuse to be involved." That may or may not be true, but
I'll accept what Perronnelle says for now.

   Pug made two posts to the list. 

   In his first post he stated that he considered the Playford stuff,
and the few ethnic dances done in the SCA to be "SCA dances" meaning
"dances done in the SCA." By this definition, if it's already being
done, we can keep doing it, but if it's not already being done, it's not
an SCA dance, and it shouldn't be introduced. Modern choreographies done
in a period style would also count as SCA dances, in this case meaning
"dances created in the SCA in period styles"

   It could be argued that 1st edition Playford *is* Renaissance dance.
Some would disagree. It does fall outside of the official time span of
SCA period, but some hold period to end at 1650, which would be close
enough for the 1st edition to be admitted. He compiled it in 1650 and
before, even if it was published in 1651.

   All of this to say that I agree with Pug on his first post. 

   However, if people are bothered by the way our Guild Purpose is
phrased in the charter, we should rephrase it. It's like this: If
everyone knows what it means, then it's clear enough. If some people
think it doesn't it say what we mean, we should rephrase.
   How about--

Purpose: The purpose of the Guild shall be to promote the learning,
teaching, and dancing of court dance from these categories: the SCA
period (pre-1601), the 17th century, the current Middle Ages (SCA
creations), and the ethnic dances that are commonly done in the SCA.

   In Pug's 2nd post, he pointed out that we would send our announcement
and charter to the Seneschal's and not the local MoA&S because that's
whose address we have easy access to.  We would also send to the Kingdom
& Regional MoA&S, with instructions to send it on to the local officers
and dance teachers. Hopefully, between these two paths, the word will
get to the appropriate people, including the ones we don't even know

In short, again, I agree with Pug on his second post

   Estrill posted about not actually sending a charter, just a
heraldically worded announcement that we are forming a guild, who to
contact to get involved, and how to subscribe to the dance list. I agree
with this idea. 

   That announcement could go to Seneschals and Kingdom & Regional
MoA&S, with instructions to see that it gets to the local dancers. It
could also be put in the Notes & Challenges or MoA&S report in the Blackstar.

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