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Russell Kinder russmax at
Wed Apr 7 16:28:32 PDT 1999


   On one hand, I'm a purist. If it wasn't done before 1601, I don't
want to see it in the SCA. Estrill makes a strong enough argument for a
good many of the titles in Playford's 1651 being actually done pre-1601.
Even a purist like me would agree that some of them should be allowed.
(Ah, but which ones?)

   On the other hand, I hate dance-Nazis. I don't want to be perceived
as a snob, and I don't want other dance leaders to be seen as snobs,

   I don't think the purpose of the guild should be to purify dance in
Ansteorra. Rather, I think its purpose should be to get as many people
dancing as possible. To encourage as many teachers as possible. To get
more and more people to do research. 

   I think that saying OOP dances don't count purifies dance, but
discourages dancing. Hole in the Wall and Korobushka are the 2 most
popular dances in the SCA. I'm afraid if we write disdain for these
dances into our charter, we'll be perceived as anti-fun and snobs. Sure,
let's not introduce any new OOP dances, but let's not use the Guild as
tool for purifying the SCA of the existing ones. I believe that it
conflicts with the main purpose, which is to get more people dancing,
teaching, researching, etc.

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