AD - What to count as dance?

Russell Kinder russmax at
Thu Apr 8 16:04:14 PDT 1999

Lady Yvette,

   It's a good question. Back when we were discussing all this on
e-mail, we decided to use the term "court dance" to distinguish what
we're doing from Middle-Eastern or belly dancing. We have nothing
against that dance form, but it's outside of our scope.

   We also discussed forming a parallel branch of the dance guild,
should the Middle Eastern dancers decide they want to affiliate with us.
That initiative would have to come from them, however.

   I'm not familiar with the Farndole, but it's probably within the
scope of our guild if it's similar to Montarde Branle.


> What exactly do you mean by "court dance".  I am not sure if some of the line-
> type dances I enjoy to do - the Farndole for example - could be considered
> "court dances" (although I could very possible be wrong?).  Could this be further
> explained?  If this terminology is not meant to restrict the type of dances taught
> and encouraged, then why is it even used?  Why not just "dance"?
> Yvette Royd
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