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John F. Hirling (macfergus at said something that sounded like:
> An alternative draft:

How about another one slightly different mostly in wording. Drop a word
here and there, change a word, etc.

I rather like this purpose statement since it does not put timeframes on
it, and does not exclude any form of dance.

Purpose statement: The primary purpose of the Guild is to promote the
learning and teaching of Medieval, Renaissance, and SCA (original and
commonly performed) dances.

The purpose of the guild shall be achieved by:
* facilitating communication between existing dance guilds;
* assisting any local group in forming a dance guild;
* maintaining a roster of dance teachers throughout the Kingdom;
* producing and updating a Kingdom-wide dance manual including, where
  appropriate, regional variations;
* providing and updating a discography;
* producing dance tapes and/or compact discs;
* encouraging research in Medieval, Renaissance and SCA dances; and
* recognizing excellence in dance teaching.

I think this puts everything in that the *guild* should do. As well, it
does not overly encumber the purpose by including things like Kingdom
Dance & Music, who does these things, possible newsletters, etc.

Btw, I think this focusing on a single item at a time is turning out
very well. This will reduce a lot of unneccessary discussions if we have
the basics down first.


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