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Russell russmax at
Sun Apr 11 21:54:40 PDT 1999


   In the matter of which dances to count for the teaching requirements
for each level of membership, I think I have come to the following
conclusion: We have to accept them all. 

   Pre-1601? Certainly. What about Negri, who published in 1602 and
1604? What about Playford's 1st edition in 1651? Is it publication date,
or when the dances were actually done? What if we don't know, but can
only speculate. Is absolute proof required? I think this is really a can
of worms. You just have to let all of Playford's 1st edition in.

   Then there's the Playford's 4th edition, as Katriana noted, where it
appears that Playford rounded up several "earlier" English country
dances that he must have missed in editions 1, 2, and 3. These include
"Black Nag", "Epping Forest", and "Sellenger's Round". These certainly
have the same form as dances in the 1st edition. Why would we exclude
them, if 1st edition is allowed? 

   By the same logic, I don't think anyone would argue against modern
inventions done in a period form. Especially if they were done by SCA
members. Things like "Heralds in Love", "SCA Maltese Branle", or
"Duchess Rondalyn's Pavan." What about other historical dance groups?
Mabel Dolmetch did Earl of Salisbury Pavan in the 1960s. It is a modern
pavan choreography based on Quadran Pavan. Logic would dictate that they
be allowed.

   Here's what we're still excluding after the above have been left out:

   Later Playford (around 1700) and other baroque country dances like
Hole in the Wall and Female Sailor, Scottish country dance like Gay
Gordons and Posties Jig, and other ethnic stuff like Korobushka. I don't
think there's enough dances in these groups that are actually done in
our part of the SCA to bother making rules about. Especially if those
rules just annoy people and hold back the guild and dance in Ansteorra.

   I don't want the Kingdom to perceive the guild as another movement to
try to squash Hole in the Wall and Korobushka. It wouldn't make us
well-loved in Ansteorra.

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