AD - What to count as dance?

Russell Kinder russmax at
Tue Apr 13 17:05:11 PDT 1999

"John F. Hirling" wrote:
> The devil is in the details, so the saying goes.  Do detailed requirements
> forward the purposes of the Guild or are they fodder for dissension?  I'd be
> stunned if anyone (certainly no significant number) interested in the Guild
> would want to "specialize" in one area to the exclusion of all other areas.
> Would anybody learn 40 ECDs just so they could wear an extra bead on their
> fibula?

   It's great when someone makes a statement from another perspective
that succinctly and clearly says what I wish I had been able to say.

   I don't see why we should specify at all. Twenty dances is twenty
dances. What sort of dances those should be counted is specified in the purpose.

   Like Ihon says, it's really unlikely someone is going to focus on one
area of dance only, to the exclusion of the others, and if they do, so
what? Really, I've just been trying to find a middle ground, a
compromise position, to appease those who think we ought to disallow OOP
stuff. Let's avoid the headache and just let them all in. I think it's
also unlikely that someone interested enough in dance to learn and teach
20 dances is going to be uninterested in whether or not a dance is period.

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