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Greetings All!

Sorry for the delay.  It is not that I have trouble with my email, so 
much that my husband is telecommuting from home this week. He ties up 
the email line for long periods of time.

Anyway..on to the minutes.  I apologize in advance for the horrid name 
errors and missing names.  

Dance Guild Discussion: Crown Tourney

In attendance: 
Ihon Vinson MacFergus(Stargate): interested in teacher authorization
Heather Jones(Stargate):new person interested in performance
Andre (Bryn Gwlad): interested in the guild for newcomers
Seren(Gate's Edge): music/performance;eventually wants to teach
Philip White(Steppes): encourage dance in the kingdom as well as 
promote the dancers
Anwyn(spelling?)(Bryn Gwlad): would like increased status of dance at 
events and within the kingdome
Yvette Royd(Bryn Gwlad): access to resources
Myfanwy(Bryn Gwlad):has a performance troupe;interested in access to 
resources and increased importance of dance at events
Isabeau(Stargate): new dancer: performance now, teach later
Allesandre (Elfsea): encourage more dance locally and access to 
Charles McKinnon(Bryn Gwlad): more dance at events and better 
relationship with musicians
Avatar(Loch Sollier)Kingdom A&S Deputy for Music/Dance
Kaitlyn McKenna(Stargate):interested in performance
Perronnelle Charette...(Stargate): teaching and research
Signy Gandalvsdottir(Gate's Edge)

I. Discussion of Purpose statement
  A. Propose deletions of "appropriate to the scope of the SCA" from 
       1. guild should not support GOOP dnces
       2. where do we draw the line?  Let people decide for themselves
       3. dates on sources published by an editor/compiler as opposed 
to an author are suspect.  We shouldn't discount some sources that 
appear out of date.
       4. technically, OOP falls under "commonly performed"already in 
the purpose statement.
RESULT: strike "appropriate..."  Purpose statement now reads: The 
primary purpose of the Guild is to promote the learning, teaching, and 
performance of Medieval, Renaissance, and SCA(original and commonly 
performed) dances.
    B. RESULT: bullet point 4 in purpose statement now reads: 
producing and updating a Kingdom dance manual;
    C. RESULT: purpose statement passed by consensus

II. Discussion of Proctor Section
    A. What does the proctor accomplish that can't be covered by the 
MOA&S for D/M?
       1.guild allows more ownership in getting the jobs done.
       2.can't depend on local guild to fully report all the 
information we would like.
    B. Proposal to strike #5 in Proctor section
RESULT: strike "and local dance guilds" on #5 as being beyond the 
scope of the guild.
    C.Result: Strike first sentence of Proctor section:"The person in 
charge of the guild shall be call the Guild Proctor."
Replace with "The Proctor is chosen by the simple majority of the 
current Guild roster, with the approval of the Crown." from the last 
paragraph of the Proctor section.
    D. Discussion on proxy votes
       1. proxy means that someone else can vote for you
       2. voting in absentia by written correspondence is more the 
intended meaning of the line on proxies.
       3. RESULT: everyone think about what wording we want to use and 
get back to it.

III.  Discussion on the Rest ;)
      A.RESULT: strike Garb requirement while teaching.
      B.RESULT: charter needs editing.  Take out the repeated steps in 
each section for next level...moot if no levels...
      C. Levels discussion
         1. Requirements don't work.  how can we actuall define and 
judge advancement?  Previously tried in the College of Bards with 
abysmal results.
         2. recognition of expertise in teaching/performance through 
requirements and levels are designed to be incentive.
         3. proctor needs to have expertise
         4. performance requirements are missing in current 
incarnation of the charter
         5.levels are not workable at present.  They could be added 
         6.We have less a heirarchy and more a set of concentric 
circle which would allow as many dancers in as satisfy that levels 
requirements. Levels are only bad if they become exclusive.
         7. We have kingdom awards to recognize teaching(service) and 
performance(arts) excellence.
         8. One way to implement levels : the dancer does a sample of 
dances for the guild.  whole group decides.
         9.went round the circle for each person's opinion:
levels for teachers is a good thing;
levels are good because the create incentive;
levels provide a direction to head;
will help new people;
levels as circles allow everybody in
levels encourage a baseline to start from.
        10. Proposal for 3 levels of teaching achievement and 3 levels 
for performance achievement. Research is incorporated into both.

Brainstorm session ensued as we waited for everybody to get back.  One 
possibility proposed was a system of identification of areas of 
expertise by self proposal as opposed to recognition.  It was stated 
the the Guild is a large "squeaky wheel" that by being kingdom wide, 
it can influence and help advance dance at events.  Sorry everybody.  
The ideas flying at this point were to fast and varied to record.The 
results of the meeting seem to be:  
1. Purpose statement amended and approved
2.Proctor section amended and approved(still needs wording for proxy 
3.We all have different connotations for "level system".  We need to 
thing about what we want and how to implement it.

That's it.

Let me know if you have questions.

In service,

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