AD - Purpose of the Guild (Name)

C Scot Henry henrycs at
Tue Apr 20 21:46:50 PDT 1999

>> > Mistress Kaitlyn suggested we might want to be a college instead of a
>> > (to avoid the exclusivity historically associated with guild).  If we
>> > agreed,  then we might be the Ansteorran College of European Dance,
>> > would make each of us A Co-ed, instead of AGED.

>I have a concern with College vs. Guild.
>A College's focus is educational in nature. This although not in
>statement of purpose, but in viewpoint internal and external, may detract
>from those people wishing to focus on performance.

I like the College idea and do not think it takes away from focusing on
performance instead of teaching.  Colleges involve both - look at any Fine
Arts department - actually look at any department - the ideal goal of any
teaching situation is for the students to perform (often for  themselves,
but sometimes with an audience).

Guild does give negative images.  But then again, was college a period term
for what we are attempting to do?

Also, ... - oops better make it next message. ;-)

Yours in service,
Lady Capricia, Namron

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