AD - Purpose of the Guild (Name)

dssweet at dssweet at
Wed Apr 21 06:32:24 PDT 1999

"John F. Hirling" wrote:
>> Mistress Kaitlyn suggested we might want to be a college instead of a guild
>> (to avoid the exclusivity historically associated with guild).  If we
>> agreed,  then we might be the Ansteorran College of European Dance, which
>> would make each of us A Co-ed, instead of AGED.
>> :)
>> --ihon

>A.C.E.D.? College vs. guild? Sure, why not. I don't really care either way.

But most Ansteorrans don't have a good view of a college (i.e. College of
Bards). At this point I *most* tongue-in-cheek suggest why not call it a
household? Or the Ship of Dancing Fools? :)  :)  :)

It's seeming more and more that we will have to decide the nature of the group
(a guild with levels, a something without levels, or some third or fourth
choice) before we can ultimately decide on the name. I think most everyone
agrees on the purpose of this group to be to encourage more dancing in Ansteorra
through several different ways and means.


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