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Russell russmax at
Wed Apr 21 21:56:16 PDT 1999

   Before we delve too much into that topic, I'd rather establish
whether we're going to have levels at all. Perronnelle is right. We need
to build this edifice one brick at a time. Foundations first.

   I will say that I think a recommendation system would be asking for
trouble. Political problems, resentment, etc. Remember, it's not an
award, but simply a recognition that certain clearly defined criteria
have been met. It would be much simpler if each dancer is responsible
for his own status in the guild.


dewalden at wrote:
> I've also been thinking about this level-thing.  Is there any way that placement
> within the "ladder" of heirarchy could be done by recommendation, much as
> other levels/awards in the SCA are done (AoA, Crane, etc.).  Would this be at
> all feasible, or only make things _more_ convoluted?  I haven't hashed the idea
> out at all.... just brainstorming.
> Yvette Royd
> Bryn Gwlad

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