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Russell russmax at
Wed Apr 21 22:40:40 PDT 1999

   Here is where we I think we should be liberal in what constitutes an
"event" We've already proposed that a local meeting or guild practice
counts; even teaching a single class counts as being in charge of dance.
Certainly running dance at a demo is equivalent to running dance at a
meeting or practice, or teaching a class. It is like a class and a
performance combined, in a way.

   For performance, though, we've been saying it should be at a Kingdom
Calendar event. Should that be amended?

   I know, I'm letting myself be dragged into the details of levels, and
the issue of whether we'll even have levels still isn't settled.


C Scot Henry wrote:
> would performing and/or teaching at demos be at all included or those only
> within SCA events context?  Just want to throw that in before we all start
> making up our lists.
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