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Russell russmax at
Thu Apr 22 23:14:14 PDT 1999


   I don't really mean to put you off, but there's a whole 'nother issue
that needs to be resolved before we talk about where performance needs
to be done, at events, meetings, demos, etc.

   Is performance going to have its own set of levels, or will we expand
the definition of teaching levels to be inclusive of performers as well?
Is that even a good idea? Isn't the main purpose of levels to keep track
of who the qualified teachers are? I do think the more advanced teachers
should have some competition-level performance experience.

   Maybe we need levels for teachers, but some other type of recognition
for people who perform, like a merit badge, perhaps, or white, red, and
blue ribbons, depending on the quality of their performance. And maybe
others mean different things by performance than I do. Maybe they simply
mean being able to do the dances. Maybe they don't mean performance as
in "presentation for an audience or judges".

   Well, those are my musings.


Kelly Erickson wrote:
> Unless I'm misunderstanding the concept here, the 'merit badge' idea
> still has elements of the levels, such as requiring a certain amount
> of performance or teaching, so I don't know that this is going too
> much into details. Considering this is the biggest topic still
> unresolved, I'm sure getting the feeling no one wants to talk about
> it.
> As for whether performances need to be at Kingdom Calendar events,
> that requirement may be moot if we are already saying it must be
> well-rehearsed and documented. I guess it is putting it more on the
> honor system, that no one at a demo is likely to ask for
> documentation, or expect a high level of skill.
> Elin
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