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Russell Kinder russmax at
Fri Apr 23 17:47:37 PDT 1999

   Regarding performing & teaching and levels, I haven't really formed a
strong opinion, one way or the other on this question. I will now try to
do so.

   The teacher-centric approach is to just ignore those who don't want
to teach, and say, "Nope, sorry, the levels are for teachers only." That
doesn't seem very friendly, and being unfriendly doesn't promote dance,
thus making it counter to the Guild's purpose.

   The other extreme is to say that teaching doesn't matter at all, so
long as you can do the dances. No, that seems contrary to a stated goal
of the Guild, which is to promote the TEACHING of dance.

   A more moderate approach is to have 2 level structures, one for
teachers and one for non-teachers. There is an inherent unfairness,
though. Someone who focused on one or the other would shoot to the
highest level. Yet, someone who has a balanced approach to teaching and
performing would be penalized for that balance, and progress more slowly
on each path. That doesn't seem satisfactory. Also, I suspect the
teacher group would think they were superior to the non-teacher group.
No one wants that. Heaven knows we're full enough of ourselves already. :-)

   It appears that what Elin suggests is the best way: Let each member's
"dance count" consist of dances either taught or done without
walkthroughs or calling. (This isn't what I meant by "performance" in
earlier posts. More on that below*.) Whether the dances are taught or
danced, the teacher/dancer must know the title, year, and source of each
dance. Perhaps some level 4 Guild members would be master instructors,
some would be virtuoso performers, and some would be a balance of both.
Hmmmmm. I'm really quite OK with that.

   One obvious objection to this system is that one of the purposes of
the Guild is to keep track of who in the Kingdom can teach what dances.
However, it would be easy to simply note next to each dance in one's
record whether that dance was taught or just done.

*  For levels 3 & 4 I would still like to see competition and showpiece
performances, which is what I meant by "performance" in earlier posts.
Perhaps the performance pieces would have to be entered in A&S
competitions or evaluations to count, such as Kingdom A&S, Laurels'
Prize, or the Gulf Wars A&S preliminaries. That's a bit stiffer
requirement than the dances simply being "done" at any Kingdom Calendar
event. My goal here is to promote dance in the Kingdom by knocking
people's socks off with how good dance can be.

   Thanks, Elin.
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