AD - Proctor

Russell Kinder russmax at
Thu Apr 29 08:49:22 PDT 1999

   One more thing about the Proctor:

   I think the biggest things missing from the Proctor bylaws are the
term of office of the Proctor and how the Guild would remove a Proctor,
if it became necessary.

   I favor a two year term of office. One year might not be enough for
good continuity and getting everything done that is required. A Proctor
could be re-elected to multiple terms, I suppose, if everyone liked the
job they were doing, and they wanted to keep doing it.

   As for removal, perhaps that could be done by a 2/3 majority of Guild
members at a Crown Tourney or Coronation. That allows an opportunity
each quarter, should such a thing became necessary.

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