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Kelly Erickson elinthetimid at
Thu Apr 29 14:06:23 PDT 1999

>My own comments:
There is one other thing that I can think of that no one has
>mentioned: the Charter's system isn't as fair to people who don't 
have a high ranking guild member in their local group. That might seem 
unfair to individuals, but on the whole, it would force the guild to 
get out and fulfill the purpose of the guild, which is spreading 
dance. High-ranking guild members would need to travel to other groups 
and encourage dancers there to teach. With the judging system, remote 
groups might be left to completely unattended. The burden would be on 
the candidate to come and be judged. With the proposed Charter system, 
the burden is partly on high-level guild members to go to groups that 
don't have dance and promote dancing and dancers. We could even put in 
a requirement that the higher level members must always be sponsoring 
at least one person outside their local group.
Well, that seems to sum up the issue. I admit that I'm strongly
biased against the judging system in favor of the Charter draft. I've
>tried to present both sides fairly, using the arguments that have 
been stated so far, but you should know where I stand, so that any 
bias in my statements can be taken into account.
I must admit that I am with you in being strongly opposed to the 
judging system. Would it be a good compromise to say that a candidates 
name should be "published" for a short length of time before their 
credentials were accepted? This should not provide anyone with veto 
power, but it would give guild members the opportunity to come forth 
and say "hey, I saw that performance, and I don't think they know the 
first things about dance". Or "when they taught at The Big Ball, no 
one could follow anything". Then the candidate, or the proctor, or the 
sponsor, should reconsider said credentials. This does indeed put the 
burden of proof on the guild members, that not only do we teach and 
perform ourselves, but that we observe and try to critique 
(positively, I hope) up-and-comers. Arguably, people could slip 
through the loop if they are in an out-of-the-way area with no top 
level dancers, but that's all the more reason for said top level 
dancers to travel and encourage.

In service to the dance and to the music that moves us, 
Elin the Timid

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