AD - No day but today

Russell Kinder russmax at
Thu Dec 2 12:43:22 PST 1999


   Thanks, that's very thorough of you to find that. I fixed it, so it
should be OK now.

   As for Elin making badges, we should probably do the heraldry thing
first. Cart, horse, and all that.


Craig Shupee' wrote:
> Well, the web page looks good, but on the bylaws you got a problem/  You hit
> "The" and it brings up another server, you hit "Bylaws" and it changes the
> frame.
> I think we should get kelly to make some badges, what do you think?  We can
> have them ready in timne for the war.  When are we going to submit them into
> the heralds office?
> Philip
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