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Charlene Charette charlene at
Mon Jul 5 22:18:09 PDT 1999

For reasons I'm too polite to get into publicly, the Alexandria
Symposium is against Kingdom Dance Academy.  Because of the conflict and
the distance there is a fear that La Marche Sauvage is going to lose
lots of money on this event.  If at all possible I encourage anyone
seriously interested in promoting dance to be at the event.  And,
whether you can attend or no, please pass the word around to all the
dancers you know.  La Marche is a great group and some of the
friendliest people in the kingdom.  They are greatly looking forward to
hosting this event.  Heck, I plan to have a good time even if it's just
me, Avatar, and the local group!

I'm in charge of the evening's ball, so if there are any particular
dances you definitely want to do (and that includes any that the
musicians particularly want to play) let me know and I'll do my best to
work them in.


One may be my very good friend, and yet not of my opinion.  -- Margaret

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