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Mon Jul 12 10:22:22 PDT 1999

This discussion has been happening on the Ansteorran List. It's got pertinent to
us. Here's the first thing the Guild could accomplish!!!  Below Sir Burke's
response to me, the reader will find the section of Kingdom Law that addresses
Kingdom events & Kingdom Reoccurring events. Let's make "Kingdom Dance" or
"Academy of Dance" or "??" as Number 10!!


---------------------- Forwarded by Deborah Sweet/soc/cas/Okstate on 07/12/99
12:08 PM ---------------------------

The reason that it is not listed is that no one has petitioned the crown to
add it to the list.  Since the new kingdom dance guild was created this
weekend I would suggest that you petition the crown to add it to the list.

Sir Burke Kyriell MacDonald, OP
Kingdom Seneschal for Ansteorra
mka Burke McCrory
email:  kingsen at
(from my work account)



Section 3: Other Kingdom Events

   1.Reoccurring Kingdom events are those major official events which occur
     the Kingdom, hosted by various branches within the Kingdom, or by such
     as the Crown and the Kingdom Seneschal shall designate. The Kingdom
     shall be responsible for requesting bids for these events, unless
     These events include:
        1.The Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition
        2.The Kingdom Eisteddfod
        3.The King's College
        4.The Kingdom Warlord Tournament
        5.The Queen's Championship Tournament which is held once each reign on a
          date not later than six weeks after Coronation.
        6.The Queen's Children's College
        7.Academy of the Rapier
        8.Academy of the Bow
        9.King's Lancer
   2.These reoccurring Kingdom events are specifically not protected and may
     other events scheduled on the same date.
   3.Any local branch wishing to host a Kingdom event should submit a bid
     to the Crown, the Kingdom Seneschal, and other Kingdom Officers as
   4.Any branch hosting a Crown Tournament, Coronation, or reoccurring Kingdom
     may petition the Kingdom for financial support to aid in preparation for
     Event. A branch which hosts a Crown Tournament, Coronation, or reoccurring
     Kingdom event will be asked to contribute 30% of that event's net profits
     the Kingdom.
   5.Branches in the Kingdom of Ansteorra are entitled to hold two Kingdom
     events per calendar year. Baronies are entitled to their perpetual event in

     addition to their two Kingdom Calendar events. Regional Calendar Events and

     Reoccurring Kingdom events do not count against a branches limit.

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