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Mon Jul 12 10:26:41 PDT 1999

dssweet at (dssweet at said something that sounded like:
> I was unclear in my earlier statement. Kingdom Dance is NOT considered to be on
> the same level as King's College, Queen's Champion, Kingdom A&S, Academy of the
> Rapier/Bow, etc. It is not considered a "Reoccurring Kingdom Event".

I see what problem you are trying to address now.

> I've
> appended the pertenant section of Kingdom Law, from Article V: Kingdom Events.
> The reader will notice that Kingdom Dance is not mentioned below. My earlier
> statements about fixing this problem, I believe, are still valid.

Personally I think it is a mistake to list these events in Kingdom Law
at all, expect for perhaps those that must occur at certain times.

As new things are added, or old ones need to be, it would be required to
be a change in Kingdom law. This is a bit extreme for something as
simple as reoccuring Kingdom events. For example, the Gulf War A&S
selection is now a reoccuring event, although it's form may change.

A better solution, in my opinion, would be to have each office that has
reoccuring events, keep track of them. I may be niave, but I feel that
these officers should be giving input on the events under their office
not only in how often it re-occurs, but if bids are acceptabl or not.


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