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Tue Jul 13 09:08:19 PDT 1999

dssweet at wrote:
> Should it not read something more like this? This is based off of how the
> Kingdom Law looks.
> Every sentence has a designating article, section, number (& sub-number).  I
> like the structure of it
> personally, but maybe it doesn't really need to be this structured.

   I personally don't care for that level of subdivision. It looks like
it was done by an engineer or a programmer. But then again, I really
don't care much one way or the other. It has its advantages, too. (You
engineers and programmers don't be offended with me. I are one.)

> =============================================================
> >   Section 3. The Proctor is chosen by a simple majority of the votes
> >              cast by Guild Members.
> >             1. The vote is counted at a designated official Kingdom
> >                 Calendar event, announced to all Guild Members at least
> >                 one month in advance, in the Black Star or by newsletter,
> >                 and by electronic communication.
> This is in conflict with what the Charter says of TWO months.

   So it is. This must be changed to 2 months.

> under Magister
> >3. Has competently danced at least twice for a pre-designated dance
> >performance or competition.
> Competently? By whose judgment?

   By the judgement of their sponsoring Magister.
> >A person attains the level of Magister of Dance upon completion of the
> >following:
> >2. Each requirement met must be verified and signed in the letter by a
> >Magister or higher level teacher, and one other member of the Guild who
> >was taught by the candidate.
> A higher level teacher than a Magister?? Where?

   Good point. Chalk it up to cut and paste editing (I was tired of typing).
> >3. The letter must be witnessed and signed by any one of the following
> >persons: local Seneschal, local Minister of Arts, local dance guild
> >head. The Magister's name is then added to the roster of Magister dance
> >teachers in Ansteorra.
> I thought this was dropped.

   It was. Sorry. My mistake.

   Good job Estrill, and a sharp eye. Thanks.
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