AD - A point of order about the A.G.E.D. meeting.

Russell russmax at
Mon Jul 26 01:22:05 PDT 1999

Members of A.G.E.D.,

   A Guild Member who cannot attend Elfsea Defender asked about sending
votes by letter. This is acceptable, according to the Charter. I'll
quote the relevant parts:

We hold our guild proctor responsible for overseeing the activities of
our guild and ensuring that the purpose of the guild is pursued. The
proctor will be elected by the members of the guild. 

This our guild will establish a set of bylaws by which the guild shall
be governed. Such bylaws may be added to or changed by a two thirds
majority of assembled guild members including those who send absentee
votes by letter. Proposed bylaws will be announced at least two months
in advance of the vote, which will be done at a Kingdom Calendar event.

   Absentee voting means that the bylaws can't really be changed
substantially from what has been proposed, so I am correcting myself. We
really won't be able to make significant amendments to the Bylaws that
have been proposed. They must either be accepted or rejected as they
are. They have been well-debated at several meetings previous to the
signing of the Charter, and greatly debated on the Ansteorra-Dance
mailing list, so they should be pretty well massaged, at this point.

   Absentee votes also apply to the Guild Proctor, as well as
nominations for same.

In service,
HL Guillaume, acting Proctor
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