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Russell russmax at
Sun Jul 4 13:02:56 PDT 1999

Here's who has submitted info for the guild roster so far:

Alina Mitchell, Lady
Andre de Chartre
Arianna Elisabeth Quartermain Guthrie, Lady
Ashlynn Blackhart
Cecilia Zurbaran de Silva, Lady
Charles MacKinnon, Lord
Christoforo of Westgate
David Daily
Dominique LeVesseur
Elin the Timid, Lady
Estrill Swet, HL
Giovanni di Cellini, HL
Guillaume de Gonzac
Guillaume de Troyes, HL
Gunhilde Adeleva Amberstar, Baroness, OP
Helen of Haverhill, Lady
Helene Quivremont
ihon vinson macfergus, hl
Isabeau Lallement, Lady
Isabeau Quiquandon, Lady
John of Trowbridge, Lord
Kim of Westgate
Linnet of Lindesfarne
Melanie Pollack
Meredydd of Dolphin’s Keep, Lady
Myfanwy ferch Eifion, Lady
Neassa the Obstreperous, Mistress
Paedrickia O'Mora, Lady
Patrick McKinley
Phelim Gervase AKA Pug
Philip White, Lord
Rufus Guthrie, Lord
Seren verch Gethin
Signy Gandalvsdottir, HL
Stephen macThomas, Lord
Suannoch of Stargate
Suzanne de la Ferte, Lady
Thomas the Bodger
Viviana d’Aulnay the Capricious, Lady
Yvette Royd, Lady

   43 people. Not bad for a start. 43 dancers make a good ball.

In service to the dancers of Ansteorra,
HL Guillaume de Troyes

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