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Russell Kinder russmax at
Mon Jul 12 12:41:47 PDT 1999

I definitely agree that a Kingdom Dance and Music event should be added
to this list. Shall we start a petition (actually multiple ones) to be
signed at upcoming events? Who would lead this effort? Multiple people.
Probably a person from each region should take the task of going to
events and groups in their area and getting this signed.
--HL Guillaume

dssweet at wrote:
> This discussion has been happening on the Ansteorran List. It's got pertinent to
> us. Here's the first thing the Guild could accomplish!!!  Below Sir Burke's
> response to me, the reader will find the section of Kingdom Law that addresses
> Kingdom events & Kingdom Reoccurring events. Let's make "Kingdom Dance" or
> "Academy of Dance" or "??" as Number 10!!
> Section 3: Other Kingdom Events
>      These events include:
>         1.The Kingdom Arts and Sciences Competition
>         2.The Kingdom Eisteddfod
>         3.The King's College
>         4.The Kingdom Warlord Tournament
>         5.The Queen's Championship Tournament which is held once each reign on a
>           date not later than six weeks after Coronation.
>         6.The Queen's Children's College
>         7.Academy of the Rapier
>         8.Academy of the Bow
>         9.King's Lancer
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