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Russell russmax at
Mon Jul 12 20:12:04 PDT 1999

   On Sunday, July 12, AS XXXIV, the Ansteorran Guild of European
Dancers was born. In the closing court of ATYC, Master Lucais du Belier,
read the words of the Charter as signed by the Their Royal Majesties
Daffydd and Octavia. Let all note that King, Queen, and Herald are all
avid dancers, and strong supporters of this Guild.

   Many dancers of Ansteorra were in attendance for this final court,
and came before the Crown to witness the Charter being read. The Charter
was then given to Honorable Lord Guillaume de Troyes, initial acting
Proctor of the Guild.

   On behalf of the Guild, I, HL Guillaume wish especially to thank hl
ihon macfergus for his fine work calligraphing the charter. It is a fine
piece of work. I plan to commission an illuminator to paint finery in
the margins and then I'll get it covered and framed. I further plan to
carry it to events that I attend that all members of the Guild may see
this Charter.

   Now that that business is done, we are prepared again to discuss
bylaws. I think we should finish hashing out the bylaws that we were
working on at Steppes Warlord, and that were discussed in brief at
King's College. Then they can be voted on at our earliest opportunity,
which would be at least one month after the members of the Guild can be
informed of the upcoming vote. That would be the appropriate time to
decide either to approve me as official Guild Proctor, or elect someone else.

   Thanks to all who gave the time and thought to put valuable input
into the Charter. The next post will give the exact text of the Charter.
The one after that will give the bylaws that we have so far. The Charter
is done and signed, but the bylaws are currently under discussion.
Enough of the Guild members are on this list that discussion of the
Bylaws is valid, I think. There are certainly more Guild members present
on this list than are likely to be present at any given meeting. Even
so, the vote to approve or reject the Bylaws must be done at a Kingdom
Calendar event, with the meeting announced to the members of the Guild
at least one month in advance, as per the Charter.

Vivat, dancers!!! Vivat dance musicians!!! Vivat A.G.E.D.!!!

Guillaume, your acting Proctor
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