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Sandi Augsburger sandilee at
Thu Jul 15 23:50:38 PDT 1999

Dear Gentles,

I am sending this letter out to several dance and music lists. So
please forgive me if you get duplicate copies of it.

Is anyone familiar with the ballo called Verceppe? I have the melody
line for the music and the dance instructions. What I need is a 2,
3, or 4 - part arrangement of the music so that we can have live
music with the dance. The music is credited to Domenico da Piacenza.
We can't find an arrangement anywhere. 

Does anyone know anything about the music for this dance? Or, can
anyone fill me in on typical Italian dance music chord progressions?
The music appears to start in G major - would they have used the
dominant (D or D minor) to harmonize with it, or would they be more
likely to have used the lowered VII chord (F)? Then the music
appears to switch to D minor.

 The music changes time signatures ever 4 to 6 measures. I noticed
that there is always
	a big circle above the 3/4 time signature 
	a big C with a dot in the center above 6/8 signature
	a big C with no dot above 2/4.
Is this an old way of notating meter? Perhaps a shorthand symbol for
the meter?

Any help you could give me would be very much appreciated. If you
don't know the answers, perhaps you could direct me to some one else
who might be able to help? Thanks!! 

  Lady Cecily of Twae Linnes, Artemisia
 (mka: Sandi in Idaho)
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