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Tue Jun 1 22:13:16 PDT 1999

Ansteorran Dancers:

   I apologize for taking so long to get this on the list. Isabeau had
my notes in her basket.

   We met at Steppes Warlord to discuss the Charter. Those in attendance were

   Lady Elin the Timid (moderator)
   Lord Philip White
   H.L. Ihon MacFergus
   Lady Yvette Royd
   Lord Charles Mackinnon
   Lady Layla
   Isabeau Lallement
   Lord Guillaume de Troyes
   (and another guy whose name I missed--was it Pug? Sorry.)
   (and anyone else I missed, I apologize.)

   The first topic of discussion was bylaws. We decided unanimously to
have bylaws. The Charter would tell who, what, and why, but not how. How
the Guild is to be run would be left to the bylaws. That decided, we
edited the Charter appropriately. Most of the description of the
Proctor's duties will be in the bylaws, not the Charter. Everything
pertaining to teacher recognition (levels) will be in the bylaws.

   Discussion of the Purpose, Membership, and Proctor section followed.
The proposed change to the Purpose section was added: 
* recognizing excellence in dance performance.

   Under Membership we decided that "Any person in the SCA who is
interested in Medieval, Renaissance..." (as opposed to Ansteorrans only).

   Under the Proctor section, all numbered points were deleted. All the
details of electing and removing Proctors, absentia and proxy votes,
etc., were removed also. These things will be included in the bylaws.

   Finally a Bylaws section was added, stating that we would have
bylaws, and how they would be added or changed.

   Honorable Lord Ihon agreed to calligraphy the Charter. Lord Guillaume
was named by the assembled group as acting Proctor. Anyone who disagrees
with this choice is welcome to do so.

   The complete text of the charter, minus the bylaws is in my next
post. Subsequent posts will detail the discussions held regarding
bylaws: Proctor duties and teacher recognition.

   READERS OF THIS LIST:  Please share a copy of the Charter with your
dance groups and with dancers in neighboring groups. Those who want to
be Charter Members of the Ansteorran Guild of European dancers should
send the following information to me, Lord Guillaume de Troyes.

SCA Name
Mundane Name
E-mail Address (if applic.)
Street Address
Phone Number
SCA Group affiliation
Any other info you want to include.

   H.L. Ihon will have the calligraphied Charter at King's College in
Mooneschadowe and at Twentieth Year/Coronation in Steppes. Those
interested in physically signing the charter may do so at those times. A
copy of the Charter will be submitted to the Crown at King's College, so
they may look it over before ATYC, where they will hopefully sign the
original into law. I am told this will make us Ansteorra's first Kingdom
Guild. I have no idea if that's correct.

Lord Guillaume de Troyes,
acting Guild Proctor
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