Proctor [was Re: AD - Bylaws discussions at Steppes Warlord.]

Russell Kinder russmax at
Thu Jun 3 10:24:10 PDT 1999

Pug Bainter wrote:
> Russell (russmax at said something that sounded like:
> >  C. The Proctor is chosen by a simple majority of the votes cast by
> > Guild Members. The vote is counted at a designated official Kingdom
> > Calendar event, announced to all Guild Members at least one month in
> > advance, in the Black Star or by newsletter, and by electronic
> > communication.
> While I agree with this, there is something people need to realize,
> particularly the Proctor. In order to do this, it has to be to the
> Kingdom Chronicler 2 months in advance.

   Good point. That would mean that direct mailing or phone calls would
have to be used for those not online, if the Black Star deadline is missed.

> > An absentia vote is a
> > letter sent by an absent Guild Member specifying how their vote should
> > be cast on a particular issue or election.
> I think definitions like this should be kept in the back of the By-Laws
> as a glossary. This allows you to define it once and use it multiple
> times throughout the document without people having to search for the
> definition.

   Another good point. It doesn't really affect the meaning of the given
bylaw, though, and for our current discussion, it's very convenient to
have it with the bylaw it applies to. And so far, that's the only bylaw
it applies to.

> How is a proctor removed from office early?

   I fear I left some details out of my minutes. At Steppes, the group
decided that A.G.E.D. was not so important or critical an organization
that a bad Proctor couldn't be endured until it was time to elect a new
one. The consensus was that, in the long run, trying to oust a Proctor
would cause more divisiveness than it was worth.

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