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Russell (russmax at said something that sounded like:
> B.	Journeyman--A Journeyman is an Inceptor who also meets the following
> standards: 

I don't know if "also" is the correct term there, unless you mean that
they are to have taught 15 dances.

> C.	Magister of Dance--A Magister of Dance is a Journeyman who also meets
> the following standards: 

Again, I don't know if "also" is the correct term.

> 3.	The letter must be witnessed and signed by any one of the following
> persons: local Seneschal, local Minister of Arts, local dance guild
> head. The Magister's name is then added to the roster of Magister dance
> teachers in Ansteorra.

Could the Proctor and/or Kingdom level officers also have signing priveleges?

For the most part I'm easy pleased about it.

Btw, I realized another by-law issue. One thing that will need to be
addressed is what does it take to add/change the by-laws after the first


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