AD - Bylaws discussions at Steppes Warlord.

Russell Kinder russmax at
Thu Jun 3 14:10:13 PDT 1999

Pug Bainter wrote:
> I think that leaving the word "also" out changes it slightly. I think
> that the word also means that it is additional dances instead of total
> dances.
> *I* think 10 total dances instead of 10 more after Inceptor is good.

   The original intent is 5 total dances for Inceptor, 10 total dances
for Journeyman, and 20 total dances for Magister. I still think the
"also" doesn't mean what you think it does, but then we're arguing
semantics, and nobody wants that. :-) I think we both agree that the
meaning is actually clearer with "also" left out. Consider it done. I'll
probably write "total" next to each number to make sure it's crystal clear.
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