Proctor [was Re: AD - Bylaws discussions at Steppes Warlord.]

John F. Hirling macfergus at
Thu Jun 3 14:43:11 PDT 1999

Russell Kinder (Lord Guillaume) wrote:

>    I fear I left some details out of my minutes. At Steppes, the group
> decided that A.G.E.D. was not so important or critical an organization
> that a bad Proctor couldn't be endured until it was time to elect a new
> one. The consensus was that, in the long run, trying to oust a Proctor
> would cause more divisiveness than it was worth.
> --Guillaume

If memory serves me correctly, it wasn't that we didn't consider the Guild
important enough or critical enough but simply that there was precious little
damage a poor procter could do that would be important enough or critical enough
to necessitate the divisiveness of ouster.


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