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Thu Jun 3 14:52:13 PDT 1999

Russell Kinder (russmax at said something that sounded like:
>    The original intent is 5 total dances for Inceptor, 10 total dances
> for Journeyman, and 20 total dances for Magister. I still think the
> "also" doesn't mean what you think it does, but then we're arguing
> semantics, and nobody wants that. :-) I think we both agree that the
> meaning is actually clearer with "also" left out. Consider it done. I'll
> probably write "total" next to each number to make sure it's crystal clear.

I think my concern is in the semantics *if* we get a Proctor that
doesn't agree with us on what the meaning is supposed to be. While it is
true that the guild will survive, I don't want to see anyone disuaded
because of a semantics problem.

I think adding "total" to the dance criteria will make it blantently clear.


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