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Thu Jun 3 22:16:55 PDT 1999

To all dancers on this list:

I realize that everyone is still excited about the charter, and everything, 
but I think this list can also be used for comparing notes on what we are 
doing.  I for one, am curious how many dancers we really do have, and what 
type of dances they are doing.  So, does anyone want to share but me?  This 
is what's going on up here:

Of late in Moonschadowe, we've been averaging about 6 at our weekly dance 
guild meetings every Thursday, including one of our most faithful dancers, 
Lady Capricia, who drives 1 1/2 hours from Namron.  Few attended shire dance 
last month, we had a nearly equal amount of dancers and musicians.  For our 
Guild meetings, Lord Guillaume has a schedule worked out: we work on the 
really hard stuff the first hour of practice (Il Canario, or whatever 
performance piece), we work on slightly difficult stuff the next hour (La 
Volta, etc....), and then the next hour and a half is devoted to more basic 
dances.  There is still hope that we can find enough people in the shire to 
do les bouffons (I call it the puffins, because of its goofy step, but I 
guess you could call it the buffoons.....) again.  Tonight was great, as 
dance practices go.  We had 6, and a perfect male:female ratio.  

I just wonder what everyone else is doing.  I guess I don't know about your 
dance habits.  SHARE!



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