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Fri Jun 4 08:13:19 PDT 1999


> I realize that everyone is still excited about the charter, and
> everything, but I think this list can also be used for comparing notes on
> what we are doing.  

I heartily agree.  Having access to other's people brains to pick is what I am 
most excited about regarding the Kingdom Guild.  So here is what's going on 
down here in Bryn Gwlad...

We vary on the number of dancers we'll have each night - usually averaging 8 or 
10, although we've been known to overfill the room we're using (especially on 
evenings when I least expect it - like during Gulf Wars!).  We tend to do many 
of the "simpler" dances - ECD, Pavans, Almans, etc - because it's possible to 
decifer them straight from written notes, and that is mostly what I have had to 
work with in the past.  Also, it is what I have most experience in.  I have only 
recently been properly introduced to Italian Ren last year when I took 
Guillaume's class at the KDM Symposium.  I also have to admit that I find ECD 
fun which is why I enjoy them so much and why I force my dancers to do them 
so often (although I have yet to hear them complain about it <g>).

We actually have a very unique situation down here in that we usually tend to 
have more males than females at practice!  Luckily our gentlemen are confident 
enough in their manhood to not mind (at least not TOO much) to play the part 
of a female from time to time.

We also a performance-based Dance Troupe which was recently started by 
Myfanwy.  But as I have yet to attend one of these practices, for one reason or 
another, she will have to fill you in on what is happening there.


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