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Russell Kinder russmax at
Tue Jun 8 08:53:36 PDT 1999

   Yes, I don't think it's premature to send a copy of the Charter to
TRMs, in case they have any objections or revisions. And since you have
the thing at hand, it would be quite easy for you to send it to them. Go
right ahead, please.

   FWIW, I've also had quite a bit of input from Lady Capricia and Lord
Sebastian in Namron.

For Pug:
   I'm sure what Ihon means is Stargate *area*, Steppes *area*, etc. He
could tell their majesties "a combined effort of dancers from the
Northern, Central, Southern, and Coastal regions."

For all:
   I'm going to compile the names that I have so far as Charter Members,
and post it on the list tonight, barring something unforeseen. If you've
been putting off sending me your membership info, don't hesitate.


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