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Mon Jun 21 10:01:03 PDT 1999

   Not too much to report on here. The meeting was only an hour long
Many who had never attended the previous meetings were present. The
first part of the meeting was spent getting everyone up to date on the
charter. I somehow found myself without a copy of the charter, so I had
to summarize it from memory. It's pretty short, in its present form, so
that wasn't too difficult.

   Two members of the Middle Eastern dance community were present,
expressing some interest in having a combined guild. It was explained
why we hadn't included them from the beginning: That we perceived our
two art forms as different enough that none of the court dancers feel
qualified to speak about Middle Eastern dance. The differences were not
dwelt on, but, rather, a way that our dancers and theirs could work
together toward a common cause in many cases. We found we have many
things in common. We share musicians; our music is in many cases derived
from the Middle East; we usually share the same time slot at
events--after everything else is over. We discussed how it might be neat
to introduce Middle Eastern group and line dances into our balls
sometimes. And to have Middle Eastern performance in the breaks between
sets, when appropriate, alternating with European performance. This lets
us share musicians, not fight for the time slot, and promotes
"multi-cultural" awareness.

   The group had no big objections to working with the Middle Eastern
dancers, but we felt our charter could not be made to include them
without us starting over completely, and we were unwilling to do that.
It seemed more appropriate to let the Middle Eastern dancers organize
themselves into a Kingdom guild, and then institute bylaws that describe
the alliance between our two groups. Both the European and Middle
Eastern dancers felt that this was a fair arrangement.

   The bylaws were summarized for those new to the discussion, but
nothing was added, and nothing was voted on. Things are exactly as they
were left at Steppes Warlord. The idea of levels for performers vs.
levels for teachers was discussed, and again, the consensus was that
levels for performers alone are unnecessary. It was agreed that the
higher levels of teachers, Journeyman and Magister, should have
performance experience. This is the same consensus that was reached at
Steppes Warlord.

[end of meeting]

   While it would be nice to have the bylaws implemented right away at
Twentieth Year, I'm not sure the Charter allows that. I think we can't
vote on the bylaws until one month after Twentieth Year, with the event
where the vote will be held announced at Twentieth Year. We probably
need more time to hash these things out anyway, and another month won't
hurt us. There seem to be a few key dancers in the Kingdom who have
dropped out of these discussions, and I'd like to see them join in again.

   That probably means Kingdom Dance, which is going to be hard for us
far northern dancers to attend, but I can't think of any justifiable
reason why the vote couldn't be held there. It's the logical place. We
can still do absentee voting.

   Well that's the discussion, and those my additional thoughts. Thanks
for your trust in me as preliminary acting Guild Proctor.

In service to the dancers of Ansteorra,
Honorable Lord Guillaume de Troyes
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