AD - Middle Eastern Vs. European

C Scot Henry henrycs at
Wed Jun 23 20:28:58 PDT 1999

>   I agree with Avatar. I really don't think that Middle Eastern dance
>would fit well within A.G.E.D. We just don't have enough in common. It
>would be an automatic split within the guild. And our teacher levels
>would be meaningless to them. The enthusiasm of most of us for dance
>does not extend to both types. We would need two proctors, because a
>ren-dancing proctor wouldn't be much help to the M.E. community, and
>vice versa. At the point we have two proctors, it might as well be an
>alliance of two separate guilds.
>   I think both groups would benefit from an alliance, and working
>together when we have common goals. However, that's going to require
>that they form their own guild. I don't think it would benefit either
>group to include M.E. dance in the scope of A.G.E.D.

I agree with this; however, I do not think this was made clear at the
meeting.  I at least had the impression that we were telling them to
organize themselves and then they could join us.  Perhaps, we need to speak
with them again to make things clear.


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