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John F. Hirling macfergus at
Sat Jun 5 16:34:43 PDT 1999

A couple of  matters about the actual physical charter . . .
I would like to duplicate period charters in every wise possible.  We
didn't write the charter with that in mind (actually, what we've worded
is more like a petition) but I can work with what we have with only a
few additions -- such as language that indicates the Crown is granting
the charter.  For some medieval examples, see:

Below my signature is the language I suggest.

Any of you who are also heralds or have heraldic know-how, I'd
appreciate your input.

Also, I will not have the actual calligraphed copy of the charter ready
for King's College.  It would be a horrible waste of time and energy to
produce a calligraphed charter without first knowing whether the crown
will sign it as written.

BTW, Who do we expect to approve/grant/sign the charter --  TRM Gunther
& Sara or TRM 'to be' Daffydd and Octavia?


p.s..  anyone who feels this should be forwarded to Ansteorran-Announce,
feel free to do so.

Know all by these presents, that We Gunther, King, Sara, Queen of
Ansteorra to the profit of all our realm, do grant for us and our heirs,
charter for the Ansteorran Guild of European dancers, a kingdom wide
dance guild of Ansteorra.
The primary purpose of this our guild is to promote the learning,
teaching, and performance of medieval, renaissance, and SCA  (original
and commonly performed) dances.
This our guild shall achieve those purposes by: - facilitating
communication between existing dance guilds; - assisting any local group
in forming a dance guild; - maintaining a roster of dance teachers
throughout the kingdom; - producing and updating a kingdom dance manual;
- providing and updating a discography; - producing dance tapes and/or
compact discs; - encouraging research in medieval, renaissance and SCA
dances; - recognizing excellence in dance teaching; and - recognizing
excellence in dance performance.
Membership in this our Guild shall be open to any person in the SCA who
is interested in medieval, renaissance, and SCA dance may become a
member of the guild. A guild member is a person who is interested in
dances from the SCA period and the current middle ages. The guild member
is expected to know or learn basic dance etiquette, basic dance steps,
and a few basic dances known generally throughout Ansteorra. One becomes
a guild member by sending his/her SCA and mundane name and address to
the guild proctor, expressing interest.  The guild member will be
informed of the guild's activities and projects.
We hold our guild proctor responsible for overseeing the activities of
the guild and ensuring that the purpose of the guild is pursued. The
proctor will be elected by the members of the guild.
This our guild will establish and maintain a set of bylaws by which the
guild shall be governed. Such bylaws may be added or changed by a two
thirds majority of assembled guild members, including those who send
absentee votes by letter. Proposed bylaws will be announced at least two
months in advance of the vote, which will be done at a kingdom calendar
In witness of which things we do place our hands this __________ day of
_________, a. s. ________.
Gunther, King
Sara Queen
charter members of Ansteorra guild of european dancers:

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