AD - Royal imprimature

John F. Hirling macfergus at
Tue Jun 8 02:22:04 PDT 1999

Any objections to me forwarding the 'Charterized' version of the charter
to TRM & TRH for any changes they need to before approving the guild --
so I can get started on the official one for signatures?
I thought I'd also mention that this has been a combined effort of
several groups from all over the kingdom, particularly (alphabetically)
Bryn Gwlad, Moonshadowe, Steppes and Stargate, (did I miss anybody?)
with 30 members on the list, and that Guillaume is our acting Proctor.
--or would you prefer to do this 'o great acting one'? :-)

hl ihon vinson macfergus, 15th c. lowland Scot and all around good guy,
Stargate, Ansteorra -- macfergus at
John F. Hirling, 20th c. cleric and all around good guy, Houston, TX --
SkyPilotPCUSA at

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