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Sat Jun 12 12:11:05 PDT 1999

Well, Isabeau already knows this, but for the rest of you:

In Namron, we are currently averaging about 8, but last week we had 13 since
we were joined by members of the AOA (Arthurian Order of Avalon).  For the
longest time I only had four faithfully attending (which included my lord
and I).  But things really picked up after Norman's Medieval Faire and once
we had a set meeting place that could truly offer us the space we needed.
Unfortunately, due to the tornado, the Moore Community Center is being used
as a Red Cross station for a while longer still and so we are back at a
temporary location.  My main goal for meeting in Moore was to allow members
from Weisenfeuer to attend but that hasn't happened yet.
We mostly work on ECD's, pavannes and almans since most of my dancers are
brand new to the SCA and it's the music I have.  However, we also do some
Italian and some Scottish and since KWDS have introduced peasant dances,
Viking dances, and German Renaissance dances.
We are fortunate enough to have a faithful musician, H.L. Clare Margaret,
attend each week.  She plays for us when I don't have the music or need a
different tempo for teaching, but also joins us for dancing.  The past
weeks, we have also had a musician from the AOA who will join her (and also
Our groups' main goal is dance for the sake of pleasure and socialization.
As of late, a secondary goal has been to allow people the opportunity to
learn to teach dance, particularly since one of my students would like to
start a dance group in Venezuela when she returns at the end of the summer.

In service,
Lady Capricia d'Aulnay
Hospitaler and dance teacher, Barony of Namron, Ansteorra

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