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Dancers of Ansteorra,

   The upcoming King's College will definitely be an event for dancers.
There will be a full track of dance classes during the day. All the
dance classes will be on a stage with a suspended wooden floor. (We'll
be closing the curtain, in case you're shy.) In the evening, after
classes and court, there will be a Ball, and we will dance until we are exhausted.

   Here are the planned classes (and meetings)

La Volta
   If you've seen the recent Elizabeth or Shakespeare in Love movies,
then you've seen what Hollywood thinks La Volta is. Come find out what
it was really like. A very intimate, energetic, and athletic dance. As a
bonus, you'll learn how to do the galliard. Suitable even for beginning
dancers, but very aerobic and knee and ankle alerts are herewith given.
Isabeau Lallement is teaching.

16th Century Italian Dance
   Some of the prettiest dances of the Renaissance come from Cesare
Negri's publication _La Gratie d'Amore_, published in Milan in 1602 as a
summation of his life's work. This class is an introduction to this
style. Two dances will be taught, "Lo Spagnoletto" and "So Ben Mi C'ha
Buon Tempo." The first is simpler, and serves as a perfect introduction
to the Italian steps. The second adds a few trickier steps and also a
showy, athletic galliard section. Dancers should be well-versed in the
popular dances of Ansteorra, but need no background in Italian dance.
Lord Guillaume de Troyes is teaching.

Rowdy English Country Dances
   The Hon. Lady Estril Swet has gone through her Playford and culled
out some of the rowdiest dances in the 1st edition. This may be the
funnest dance class you ever attend.

Dances for the King's College Ball
   In this class we'll cover many of the dances that will be done in the
ball that night. These are the favorites of Ansteorra, and a great deal
of fun. The course will cover English Country Dance, Bransles, Pavans,
Almans, a little 15th cent. Italian, and even some out-of-period stuff
that is eternally popular. Will probably be taught by Lord Guillaume

Kingdom Dance Guild discussion
   Come see the wonderful calligraphy work of Hon. Lord Ihon MacFergus,
and sign the Charter. We will discuss bylaws that will be added after
the Guild is instituted at ATYC, including teacher recognition and
duties of the Guild Proctor.

  I hope to see a great many dancers there.
In service,
Lord Guillaume de Troyes
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