AD - Middle Eastern Vs. European

C Scot Henry henrycs at
Mon Jun 21 21:59:51 PDT 1999

Although I agree with the decision that the Middle Eastern community needs
to band together as a unit before we all band together I do see that we have
a common goal - promoting dance throughout the kingdom - and can work
together in some areas.  Middle Eastern solo performances are more highly
viewed in this kingdom and are easier to learn in that it doesn't require a
set number of people (only more grace and coordination and isolation than I
currently have).
I also agree with Avatar that they are different cultures and mindsets as
well as very different instruments; however, as of late, I have been exposed
to more "peasant dances", Viking dances, the Farandole and seen several
pictures of Basque dancing and Greek dancing.  Also, although outside of the
SCA, I have been exposed to Middle Eastern line dancing.  All of these are
very similar in their steps and their purpose.  Line dancing is more common
in the Middle East than individual dance and served a more social purpose,
just as the line dances and group dances that were done throughout Europe.
I am interested in learning about this more, but so far see this as an
excellent way to begin to foster understanding and acceptance between our
two groups (and to start to avoid the scheduling conflicts if at all
possible - we already have more than enough to compete with).  Avatar may be
right in saying that medieval Europe fits ME dance better than during the
Renaissance, but I'm all for expanding our scope if possible and besides,
the peasant dances are a lot of fun!!!

I guess my biggest concern left from the meeting is in the future once  (and
if) the Middle Eastern community has banded together and decides they want
to join us, is our charter flexible enough to allow for both tracks of dance
without a lot of rewriting.

As a side note, isn't amazing how even the most carefully planned discussion
can go in a different direction with just the addition of one person?

In service,
Lady Capricia
Hospitaler and Dance Teacher, Barony of Namron, Ansteorra

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